Meet Rep. Fellars

“There are roughly 280,000 people in Winnebago County. About 80,000 of them are under the age of 18 – three of them mine. Decisions are being made every day that affect their health and safety. I became a County Board Representative because they deserve for those decisions to be made by someone who will value them above politics and money from special interest groups.” Angela Fellars

Angela Fellars is a mother, business owner, and cancer survivor. Her career, which spans from her first jobs detasseling corn and washing dishes to her work now as a policy strategist, writer, and speaker, has made her an advocate for working families and a mentor to young women and professionals.

She is a proven leader who’s made a difference in her community through empowering others. Her running for office was a call to action. As she struggled alongside her community and the pandemic unleashed fear and injustices in her city, she got to work finding smart, creative solutions – recognizing the opportunity to make sure things don’t go back to the way they were.

Angela understands how economic inequities and systemic racism have led to many of the problems facing too many Rockfordians today. As a parent of young children and as the owner of a business directly affected by COVID-19, she has a personal stake in the fight for working families and for policies to promote safe, worker-empowered economic recovery and address the failing economic and social structures exposed by the pandemic.

Angela is also a vocal advocate for racial equity and criminal justice reform, appropriately-funded public services and public safety, housing stability, environmental protections, accessible healthcare, and labor rights.